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Penny King

Hi I am Penny, I source and sell beautiful crystals as well as being a Holistic Practitioner & Teacher (Penny King Academy of Crystals & Sound) in Watford Hertfordshire. Teaching courses in Crystals, Sound, Reiki and much more….

Why Crystals? I hear you ask…… I always had an interest in crystals from an early age, then due to an illness in 2003 I went to see a crystal healer and the rest is history. My interest and passion for crystals steadily grew as did my interest of other healing modalities. After 28 years of working for the NHS I took the leap of faith and left to continue on my journey of discovery. My house became a meeting place for people with an interest in crystals and holistic therapies and so Penny King Crystals & later Penny King Academy of Crystals & Sound came about.

All crystals are handpicked by Penny from tumble stones to large one off pieces. Every crystal has its own unique energy signature, so whether you are buying crystals to work with or for aesthetic purposes in the home or office you will feel the energy of the crystals.

Penny works intuitively with crystals on all levels through healing, meditation, crystal grids, crystal prescriptions and much more… All the jewellery on this site is handmade by a local jeweller in sterling silver.

‘I love to see the look on someone’s face when they hold a crystal for the first time and feel the energy flowing from the crystal which has come from Gaia – The Earth to them’.

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