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Customer Service

If you have any questions, please feel free to call us Mon – Fri, 10 am – 6 pm, or send us a message.

+ - How do you source your crystals?

Our crystals are sourced from ethical & reputable suppliers. All crystals are handpicked by Penny from tumble stones to large one off pieces.

+ - How do I choose a crystal?

Choosing a crystal can be overwhelming for some people. Where do I begin? Do I look in a book?

My advice always is to go with your intuition. In your mind think of the person or situation you need the crystal for. Then look at the crystals you have in front of whether it be in a shop or in a bowl in your home and pick the one that jumps out at you. Hold it in your hand close your eyes and feel the energy of the crystal, you might find that you feel the energy travel from your hand up your arm to a place in your body or it might feel hot or cold. You may feel nothing at all, there is no right or wrong here just know that you have been drawn to what you or the person you have picked the crystal for needs at this time.

+ - Is there a difference between the choice of raw & polished crystals?

This is personal preference. I use a mixture of raw & polished crystals for myself and in my work.

+ - How do I cleanse my crystals?

All crystals purchased from Penny King Crystals are cleansed prior to being sent out. To continue that free flow of energy once you have your crystal, you can use one of the following suggestions:

  • Smudging – using sage or incense
  • Under running water for those crystals which are not porous.
  • Sound vibration – Tingsha bells, singing bowls, music
  • Sun light & Moon light

A crystal care leaflet is included with every crystal purchased providing crystal care information.

+ - Do you sell wholesale?

Yes we do, please contact direct to discuss.

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